Ratsack Well, well, well, look what the mutated cat dragged in! The name’s Ratso Rattington, ace reporter and world class adventurer, scribblin’ to ya live from the Ratsack!

If you’se found your way to this little corner of Terra AD, then you must be lookin’ for the real dirt on what’s goin’ down out in these wilds. Well let me tell ya babies, you came to the right place, because yours truly is here to give you the inside squeak on all the action!

See, I’ve latched my little ratty self onto a pack of greenhorns (sometimes literally…ha, mutant joke!) who are fixin’ to make names for themselves in their tribe by explorin’ the ancient ruins and wastelands. And lucky for you mugs, I’ll be documentin’ it all right here!

That’s right, anytime these crazy kids get themselves into a hairy situation, which let me tell you is basically every single day, your ol’ pal Ratso will be there filing reports from the front lines. I’ll sniff out all the juicy details on terrifying creatures, deadly traps, unimaginable treasures, and whatever other madcap adventures we get up to out there in the wilds.

So stick around blockheads, and stay tuned! Ol’ Ratso’s got a nose for news and I aim to give you jokers the real scoop. We’re going to be shaking more dirt than a dog with a flea problem. You’ll get all the action delivered fresh and raw, directly from my ratsack to your screens. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Just remember, you heard it first from me, Ratso Rattington - ace reporter, man-about-town, and now official roving wasteland correspondent bringing you the best in post-apocalyptic entertainment. Welcome to the Ratsack, babies! Adventure awaits…